Name: Kimming Zeng
Alias: JBB;The Snowboard Ninja
First Appearence: Issue #1
Nobody knows what the acronym JBB stands for or who he really is. He's your average guy who does whatever normal people would do ?eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom; rinse and repeat. He owns a magical hammer, a house, a dojo, a private gym, and two lairs. From time to time, he'll try to be funny with his lame jokes and silly acts. He sometimes dons a ski mask and calls himself The Snowboard Ninja just for the hell of it. Nothing spectacular about this guy unless you count the number of times he changes his hair styles.

Name: Anthony Leung
Alias: Unholy
First Appearence: Issue #1
Over confident is an understatement when describing Anthony. He enjoys tinkering with robotics and technology. It is more of curiosity for what he can make next rather than a joy and hobby. His most proud creation was Gigi, his female robot maid which he grew very fond of before having her taken away by the Phung. Anthony's ego goes far beyond that of JBB's. He's hot headed, and stubborn about everything, and never lets go of a grudge. Outside of all this, he enjoys relaxing, eating donuts, drinking coffee, squishing Gogu's and gaming. He may be your geeky tech head, but don't be fooled, because behind his geeky cloak, lies a balisong master.

Name: Adam Marquis
Alias: none
First Appearence: Issue #20
The known facts about this guy are: he likes Go, wears a trench coat almost everywhere, and is a Samurai of sort. We hopefully will see more of this guy in the near future.

Name: Kevin Phung
Alias: Baby Kev;Hum Sup Lo
First Appearence: Issue #3
How does an intelligent man like the Phung has a brother like Baby Kev? Simply this, because that’s life. Unlike his older brother, Baby Kev is Perverse Extraordinaire. He loves girls and he has no problem showing it. May they be real girls or just some fake robots with boobs, he’ll love them no matter what. He’s so perverted that his alter-ego is called “Hum Sup Lo?which literally means “Perverted Man? in Chinese. Despite what Kev is and what he represents, deep down he’s a very nice and harmless guy.

Name: Adam Phung
Alias: The Phung;The Agent One
First Appearence: Issue #4
Adam Phung was once a normal person like JBB until one day; something evolved Adam Phung into The Phung. Not much is known about how the Phung became what he is today. People just accepted him and moved on. Like Anthony, the Phung is also a scientist and an ego so big that he addresses himself in third person. He married Gigi, Anthony’s android maid but not without few confrontations with Anthony. What is the Phung? Who is he really? What are his intentions? No one knows?

Name: Gigi Phung
Alias: none
First Appearence: Issue #49
Two known facts: She's an android maid created by Anthony and the wife of The Phung.