Issues with the new layout
July 12, 2005
Posted by Anthony

I realise there are some issues with the site. JBB and I will be fixing those this weekend. They are not issues that prevent it from working, just some problems with the way it looks. The Archive section will also be up by the following Monday.
Sad Phung in the Snow
July 19, 2005
Posted by JBB

Now, now, I have a reason why I didn't update on Monday. Because it was my birthday and I didn't feel like updating. That and I actually ran out of ideas. And I don't have a comic today either is because I was busy playing poker and Big 2 with Adam, Baby Kev, the Phung and two other buddies to draw any comic. I am sorry about the inconvenience... Or somewhere on the line.

I guess this can sorta be a tribute to Piro of Megatokyo.